The Asian Australian Foundation is a philanthropic community trust  that connects Asian Australians bringing together their resources and knowledge for public good, to shape a dynamic Asian philanthropic presence in Australia. The trustee of the Foundation is the Asian Australian Foundation Limited, a public company limited by guarantee.

Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to enable and promote collective giving in the Asian Australian community in order to “Give Voice and Inspire Change” on issues that matter by building bridges across community.

Our purpose is to strengthen through philanthropy, the Asian Australian community in Australia by:

  • bringing together donors and resources and fostering a robust collective and strategic culture of giving and social impact investment.
  •  advancing social or public welfare through supporting organisations that serve the vulnerable and distressed in our community;
  • supporting education, culture and the Arts within the Asian Australian community; and
  •  promoting social cohesion through dialogue, greater participation, inclusion and leadership amongst Asian Australians as part of Australian society.


Promoting a culture of giving

As far as we are aware, there is currently no single united body or foundation funded by the Asian Australian community in the State of Victoria at the scale we intend.

We are most effective united, working together. Thus, working with communities, leveraging our collective expertise and resources, the Foundation seeks to identify, raise awareness, understanding and address the issues and needs of those disadvantaged and requiring assistance within the Asian Australian community.

Our aim is to create positive, meaningful and sustainable change for the benefit of our community. By facilitating and enabling philanthropy, the Foundation creates a legacy and platform for the input of Asian Australians as part of a wider Australian community to be recognised and acknowledged.  In so doing so, bridges will be built across the community. 

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Building a legacy for the future

When we come together to give, it will set an example for the younger generation of Australians to think about building their generation of givers.

This is an important part of leadership by philanthropy that the Foundation aims to achieve.

There are many more things that will unite us when we engage positively in looking after our community.