Grants we have made

In addition to the grants made through our Circle of Promise initiative, AAF is also a major partner of and most proud to support Western Chances, an organisation that assists motivated young people in Melbourne’s Western suburbs realise their potential by providing scholarships, opportunity programs and ongoing support. AAF provided two grants of $5,000 each in June 2016 and again in June 2017.  For details on the work of Western Chances, see

“We feel very fortunate to have the funding support of the Asian Australian Foundation. The Foundation’s continued commitment to our great work means a lot to us…”.

Rhyll Dorrington, CEO of Western Chances

AAF's Approach to granting

We intend to achieve our mission through grant making and the funding of capacity building programs through supporting not-for-profit organisations and services across a range of areas impacting our community, which may include education, the disadvantaged, family services, health and arts and culture to address a variety of needs. 

We intend to:

  • take a diverse approach to grant making;
  • identify projects where we can achieve the greatest impact; and
  • invest in programs where we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and investment. 

At present, some intended areas for consideration include: 

Capacity building

The Foundation intends to consider supporting projects developed to deliver sustainable capacity building programs that address social inequalities and reduced investment in our communities. For example, grants may be used to support organisations dealing with homelessness, addiction, mental illness or to support solutions and initiatives that improve employment outcomes with focus on identifying and addressing issues and needs within the Asian Australian community.

Education and social cohesion

Grants that could be considered in the education area include supporting projects that promote and encourage excellence in education and learning including furthering the understanding of various Asian languages and cultures and facilitating dialogue on diversity for social cohesion within our communities. We recognise the need for such projects to involve communities, not just institutions in education.

Arts and culture

We would consider supporting the arts community through the funding of programs that ideally are designed to identify and extend opportunities and foster the talent of Asian Australian artists from all disciplines and promote the development of culturally relevant programs throughout the community.